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August 28, 2010

The College Park Spyders will not be available until next season as our venue situation will not be finalized until at least late January", says Spyders Basketball founder and Head Coach Duane "Spyder" Hughes in a letter to the ABA CEO, President and Division Chairperson. "I am not renting or leasing anymore gyms or arenas as I have done that to great expense in my time in minor league basketball since 2005. I want to treat our fans and sponsors with the ultimate basketball experience as we build a fan base in the southern tip of metro Atlanta. My vision is our own arena, and we are but a few steps from that vision. If I could move things along faster, I certainly would, but portions of this process is out of my hands, and we are at the mercy of quarterly accounting, etc. I am going to be honing my coaching skills in the meantime with the Get Buckets team ( In the meantime, I will try to get my venue transaction completed as quickly as possible so that I may join the ABA regular season for the 2011-12 year", added Hughes.

August 20, 2010


It's hard to keep a record label going for three years let alone thirty, but Newtroit Records has done just that. Celebrating its third decade in the game, Newtroit -- a combination of New York and Detroit -- is marking its anniversary with a new distribution deal through Thompkins Media Group that will get albums all over the country. 

Newtroit was the first hip-hop label to actually be owned and operated by a rap artist. In 1980, they released a first 12'' single entitled 'Big Apple Rappin,' which was an early rap hit and is still considered one of the seminal hip-hop singles of the genre's first decade.

Oddly, one of Newtroit's biggest current projects is an attempt to reunite George Clinton's original Parliament band for a record. "We are currently negotiating with funk legends Grady Thomas and Fuzzy Haskins of the original Parliament on doing all new music with guests appearances by some of today's new crop of stars, as well as trying to reunite the original band with George Clinton. They are legends and huge influences on so many of today's artists. It's only right," said rapper and owner Spyder, the main MC from 'Big Apple Rappin.'

While known for its initial series of singles, Newtroit hasn't made a big splash in the industry since eventual juggernauts like Def Jam came around in the early '80s. The revamped label is planning a reintroduction mixtape release that features all of its current artists, including Mikey D, The Street Poets, Butta Tones and Spyder's final rap recordings.

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